Welcome to Food Technology UPH!


   We are delighted to introduce to you our Food Technology Study Program which is one of the undergraduate study programs under the Faculty of Science and Technology (FaST) Universitas Pelita Harapan. Our Study Program offers science and technology of food that can harness the opportunity and meet the challenge of food industry demands in the era of Industry 5.0. As for our vision and mission which can be read elsewhere, we equip our students and develop our study program and academic staff with objectives, as follows:
1). To produce graduates who are God-fearing, competent, creative, innovative, resilient, professional, and have the competence to design value-added processing to food based on the principles of food science and management by integrating various unit operations to produce safe and quality food;
2). To produce graduates as a whole person who is equipped with life skill competencies including ethics, ability to think critically, working in teams, skills in organization, communication, interaction and leadership as well as professional in various situations;
3). To develop and foster collaboration with industry, universities and institutions related to the food sector both at home and abroad;
4). To generate and develop food technology research work that can be applied in society and industry;
5). To become a Center for Research and Development of Food Science and Technology to support the development of food industry R & D in Indonesia;
6). To improve the competence of each of the academic staff of the Food Technology Study Program as educators to support the achievement of the expected profile of graduates.
With the objectives above, particularly those aimed at students, it will produce students with competencies as Analysts and Food Quality Assurer, processors and Developers of Raw Materials and Food Products, Communicators and Consultants for Food Technology and Food Safety; and Food entrepreneurs.
   We hope that you can find our study program is attractive which should drive you to enrol in this study program and join with many who have already done so and enjoy our beautiful, friendly, non-smoking campus and the wonderful university community. Thank you.
All by His Grace Alone!


Sincerely yours,

Ratna Handayani, MP

Head of Food Technology Study Program

      08 bu nana
Ratna Handayani, MP
Head of Food Technology Study Program